• Gentlemen's Haircuts

    You are busy rushing to work every day. You may not have an hour each morning to style your hair. We get it. As the best barbers in Newburgh, of course we truly care about neatly trimmed men's hair. We will give you a perfect haircut that looks great every day without too much prep and fuss in your daily routine. 

  • Our barbers in Newburgh are experts at wielding clippers, scissors, straight edge razors, and all sorts of sharp shiny things! Those are the tools of our trade, and we are passionate about using them to give you the best haircut you can get - so you look sharp, handsome, and manly.

  • Vintage Atmosphere

    Experience the tradition of a 4th generation barber shop in Newburgh that still keeps the same friendly neighborhood ambiance and experience. A barbershop is also a place for men to hang out while they get a haircut. So enjoy a cup coffee, the sports channel, a game of checkers, and some local chit chat during your quick wait for your favorite barber.

  • We Are a Traditional Barber Shop in Newburgh, Where You Can Feel Like a Gentleman

    Getting traditional styled haircuts from a barber who remembers your preferences and gives you personalized attention feels great. You feel right at home when you walk into our barber shop in Newburgh and are greeted by your first name followed by the barber asking you if you want the usual done! You sit comfortably waiting for your turn while you chat with the other familiar faces waiting to get their usual style of haircut or shave done as well and catch up with what’s the latest in sports and current events.

    Richard’s Barber Shop aims to provide an authentic barber shop experience to men and boys of all ages. It is an inviting and friendly neighborhood barbershop in Newburgh where use of clippers and straight edged razors is common and where you can enjoy a nice hot towel shave while chatting with fellow men! You can also enjoy a game of checkers or have a hot cup of coffee. So come and get a true barber shop’s treatment at Richard’s Barber Shop!

  • At Richard's Barber Shop, all of our barbers are professionally trained masters of their craft. We have the eyes, hands, and barber skills to cut, trim and transform men's hair of all types and styles. It's not just a cut - it's an experience. Sit in one of our Newburgh barber chairs for the best haircut of your life and walk out a proud confidant new man ready to take on the world!

    You need a real barber who without hesitation can let you know what would work best for you considering your wishes and a knowing observation of your face shape and structure. A novice hairdresser might try to follow a magazine or online photo, regardless of the possibility that what the customer requests might not work on his hair type or facial structure. Our expert barbers will discuss what you would like and have the experience to offer solid recommendations to help guide you to a haircut style perfectly suited for your ruggedly handsome face. When you sit in a chair at our Newburgh barber shop you will get the best haircut you have ever had - and become one of our regular customers.  

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  • The Barber Shop Experience

    A barbershop is your place to unwind, get a great haircut, and get some quality male bonding time.  You don’t need a fancy European hair stylist who’s overly energetic about his abilities to shape your hair into a modern work of art. You need a real American barber with the skills to trim, cut, and shape your hair in true gentlemen’s style. You will recognize our traditional Newburgh barbershop the minute you first stroll through the door. Our barbers are confident, know how to greet you and can have a real conversation because they are all sharp craftsmen about their work and truly care about their customers. 

    All of our Newburgh barbers are trained to give you a haircut using clippers rather than scissors. Clippers are the actual and the main professional tool used in men’s haircuts. Modern hairdressers may not be trained to use clippers and if you ask them to use clippers for giving you a haircut – you could be putting the quality of your haircut at a risk!

    Using the straight edged razor, every one of Richard’s barbers in Newburgh is a craftsmen who executes his and her skills in shaving. All our barbers give the closest shave without harming your facial skin – which is why you trust them with your shaving needs – especially before a special occasion. The movements of their razors are awe inspiring and fascinating.

    And the icing on top of this all is that the barber’s shop is a safe and secure place for men to socialize in peace! Even if there isn’t anyone else to vent out with, the barber himself offers pleasant company! If you want to vent out, he will listen to you. If you are in the mood of listening, he will always have an interesting story to tell you – either about himself or about any other customer; or he would share an interesting story with you that he picked up from any other customer.

    Richard’s barber shop in Newburgh is a place where you can have a discussion about just anything – politics, sports, wrestling, cars, machinery, family, etc. You can share guy’s jokes without feeling embarrassed! Richard’s Barber Shop is a wonderful place where you can experience the familiar friendly environment, the scents and the familiar warm smile of everyone inside the barber shop!